Help Julie Fight Cancer

We do not currently have health insurance.  We are expecting to be able to have insurance later, but we have estimates of treatment that already exceed $30,000 and we will still have the deductible and copays as well as some treatments that will likely not be covered by insurance.  David and Kelly Emig have set up a GoFundMe page (click here) to help with these financial needs.  We have also had several people ask if there is a way they can send a check.  If you prefer to send a check you can make it payable to "Ben or Julie Agee" and mail it to the following Address:

Ben or Julie Agee
P.O. Box 5813
Saint Marys, GA  31558

Another option for you if you have a PayPal account is to send money to friends and family in Paypal, sending it to

We thank you for whatever financial help you can provide but we also thank you for your prayers as we walk through this chapter of our lives.

Ben and Julie Agee

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