Monday, November 22, 2010

Some background information

Our family has three biological children (all boys ranging in age from 14 to 17) and one girl that we adopted from China 8 years ago as a 9 month old. For the past 8+ years we have been very active in advocating for adoption and in Orphan Ministry.

In the summer of 2003 we hosted a 13 year old girl from Kazakhstan for 4 weeks and attempted to adopt her until she turned 16 in January of 2006 and was no longer adoptable. As you might imagine our hearts were broken for a child we had already gotten to know and love. We continued to serve faithfully in orphan care ministry, but this threw us for a loop for a little while with regards to considering adoption.

In 2009 we felt the call of God to step out again and go to the U.S. foster care system to foster and adopt. In August, 2009, a little girl slightly younger than Leighanne came into our home as a foster child that was expected to become available for adoption. For the next 6 months we went through an emotional roller-coaster dealing with various issues with this child. During the final time of her being in our home her biological father was located and he did not know he had a daughter. She is now in his home to stay and has adjusted well. As you might imagine, we went through emotional trauma of once again getting attached to and coming to love a "daughter" and then having it disrupted. At least with this one we can see how God used us to give this child some stability and tools that she needed to be a success so her biological father could be successful with her and as much as it hurt, we praise God that she is now with her biological family who loves and cares for her.

With this background, you should now understand at least part of why I would be reluctant to go into another adoption -- especially of a child that we know anything about so early in the process.......


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