Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Completed Home Study is On it's Way Here!

Yeah!! Doing the Happy Dance!  We just got an email that our homestudy is finished.  Now it has to travel to Savanah, then to Atlanta, then it will arrive in our happy hands and we will then mail it to the USCIS and then we will-----WAIT some more! :)  First we will wait for a fingerprint appointment, and then we will wait for approval.

In the meantime, we are collecting the rest of our dossier documents.  Marriage certificates, birth certificates etc., yes- we had to get new ones that were--pen-in-hand for Georgia.  Every state has different requirements, and Georiga is a pen-in-hand state. (That just means an actual person has to sign their name with a pen.)  However, we did find this out last time that it can't just be anybody to sign your documents.  Their name has to be on THE approved list.  It was correctly done the 3rd try. :) 

Anyways, we are making progress.  And we are not bored.  My calendar is rocking!  I have several cakes booked in the next few weeks, I have a photo shoot on Saturday, and we have lots of events planned in the near future.

Other news in our family... 
  • Jordan got a job this weekend at Shoneys.  He pulled his first shift on Sunday afternoon.  He was so funny when he came home he said, "I just worked a four hour shift and I still owe them $6 for uniforms."  I just chuckled--that's a little reality check for a 16 year old. 
  • Austin got a 2nd interview with another place--he is hoping for a call back this week.  (Note: We are too!  Have you priced car insurance for two males under 25 lately?  :) )  
  • Leighanne had her first gymnastics meet on the 15th.  She did a fabulous job!  She came in 5th on the bars in her age group and 6th on the floor.  We are so proud.  It was a princess classic--and I think she was most proud of her tiara.  Pictures down below.
  • Zach is still making beautiful pens from wood.  I'll post a couple of pictures of his pens also.
    Leighanne doing her floor routine.
    Getting her award.
    Leighanne with Nana & Papa on the left and Bum Bum and Granny Bum on the right.
    Tada!  Look at that Tiara Shine!
    Pen  Zach made from Marble Wood
    Pen made from Cocobolo Wood
    Pen made from Lighter-Knot wood from Ben's family--the wood is estimated to be over 200 years old.

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