Thursday, April 5, 2012

Girl's Recital and Austin's Last March

Spring is really here!  Besides the flowers blooming and all of the extra pollen, it's officially spring because of all of the end of the school year ACTIVITIES!

We recently attended the girls recital.  Leighanne sang a few songs, and Sara and Hannah played the piano.  It was so exciting to see our girls experiencing so many firsts.  They are both quick studies and played beautifully.  Leighanne also performed well with her trio. 

Here's a few pics from the night . . .

Leighanne getting ready to sing.
Hannah and Mrs. Sally

Sara getting ready to play.

 Our 3 girls with Mrs. Sally (We love you Mrs. Sally!)

Austin's last Inspection in JROTC.

Yes--it was another of our "lasts" with Austin.  You know--this is the last time he'll _________________ .   

I'm trying to enjoy all of these events ( and I AM), but somewhere in all of this is the underlying knowledge that the days are quickly passing by--and off to boot camp he will go.

I'm so proud of Austin and the young man he has become.  A tiny part of me wants to hold back the clock, and let things stay the same.  But the realistic part of me knows that instead I will open up the doors and release him, knowing that he's ready to move on to the next phase in his life.

And so, I will try really, really hard to enjoy these "lasts" with Austin.
Austin's girlfriend Taylor is on the back row in the middle.  The Choir sang  to begin the event.
Austin is on the left side, 3rd from the front. (tallest one)
I just love it when the flags are presented.
The Senior JROTC Class of 2012

Ben and Austin

Austin and Me

Sara and Austin

My handsome guy!

Enjoy your days--don't wish them away!



Diane said...

I cried through this post. It is wonderful to see your girls doing so well, and as a mother of teenage sons, I share your heart about your dear boy growing up.

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

Oh, how I remember those last days. The hardest I cried was the last day of school for Caleb and Brandon. I kept thinking of Brandon's mother and how she was missing it all. It made the last time they'll ___________ all the more emotional.

I'll be praying for you, Friend. Continue to enjoy every minute.