Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Light Night

I stole this idea from my friend Joli ---who stole it from Pinterest.

But it was a great idea--we had a wonderful time as a family.

We made treats yesterday after school--one of our kids favorites--chocolate spoons!

We eat them by themselves or we dip them in hot chocolate or coffee. Yummy!

Little did they know they were preparing part of their surprise for later--I told them we were getting them ready for our neighbors (and we did set some aside for that).

Then last night we made homemade pizza--another family favorite. Afterwards, after showers and pj's we sat around the family room and told the Christmas Story and put up our nativity set.  We then had the kids retell the story and I do believe we have the next segment for "Madea's Bible Lessons".  Somehow Moses entered the scene with the Wise Men, but anyways, after that was cleared up, we let them take turns adding the figures.


Then we sent Hannah and Leighanne to bed, but it wasn't long before they came out with this note.

After hot chocolate, chex mix , and slippers were gathered we got in the van and Zach's truck and drove around and looked at lights.

The kids finally got to bed around 10ish.  Sorry Mrs. Wagner and Mrs. Halstead--the girls may be a little tired today.

But oh--those memories sure are sweet!

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