Friday, March 8, 2013

A Very Diva Birthday Bash!

Our Leighanne is 11.  Yes--She really is.  For those of you who remember her like this ...

Well--Surprise!!! 10 years have passed by and now she's 11.
We celebrated with a "No Boys Allowed--Spa Birthday Party."
We sent the guys to eat pizza and we turned the house into a Diva Den. 
The Mini Diva's

Drama Queens

Caroline and Hannah

Lei Lei & Adaysia

Leighanne & Izzy

Leighanne & Maci

Leighanne & Alexis

Leighanne & Izzy

Nana & Aunt Karen

Kim, Sara and Bethany

Leighanne & Jasmine

Leighanne & Bethany

Doing their Nails

Leighanne's 1st attempt at makeup.
Help me Jesus! We need a makeover
or should I say makeunder!


That's better--Rock it!

Jasmine was the make up Guru!

Dancing Gangnum Style!!


I have to say this was one of the Best Parties we've ever had.  The girls all got along and entertained themselves.  What a great way to celebrate the gift we we're given over 10 years ago!!!


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