Thursday, February 11, 2016

Living on $1 a Day

No, the Agee Family has not simplified our lives to the point we can live off of $1 a day.  If you've been following our sporadic blog lately you would find that we have been trying to simplify and live with less.  We have been doing so much better--and we are still trying to get down to one refrigerator/freezer--almost there.  Maybe after we finish the deer meat and our last turkey.  But here's the real reason for today's blog.

Stop and read the title of this post.   I am going to ask you to watch this documentary on Netflix.  It's not the world's greatest documentary, but it explains how 1.6 billion people in the world live off of $1 a day.  It explains it well.  It shows accurate pictures of the kind of homes people live in, how they can't complete their education due to poverty, how expensive a doctor can be, and how little healthy and nutritional food people in 3rd World countries eat.

Every time  I go on a mission trip out of the country one of the questions I get is, "Why aren't you doing things like this here in America?"  One answer I always give is-- I am.  But then I tell them that even our poorest poor have access to clean water, healthcare and nutritional food if they seek help.  It IS available. The people in these 3rd world countries  DO NOT.  It is not available to them if they can not pay for it.  It is not a matter of them going to their government for food stamps and WIC, those programs do not exist.  They need proper education, and jobs. Those are not readily available.  Wait till you see the list of items they need to get a loan from a bank.  

I believe that is why the orphans of the world break my heart even more.  They have nothing.  No family support, no access to work, no way to get food, clothing, or shelter. They are the vulnerable, the exploited, the weak, and parentless whether by social circumstances or death.  It's an unfathomable existence for an orphan in a 3rd world country.  

So please take the time to get a little real life education on Netflix.  If you've never traveled out of the United States to a 3rd World Country--it will open your eyes.  

"Living on $1 a Day"  on Netflix.  

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