Monday, December 6, 2010

Bring on the Paperwork!

Okay--so today we begin the paperwork portion of our Journey to Hannah!

I can say this today, because until yesterday we were not certain WHEN God was going to give us clearance to begin. 

But God spoke to Ben during the sermon yesterday, in fact--he was so sure that while I was explaining to some friends that we were waiting for God to let us know--that Ben says, "It's time to go ahead and begin." 

I love that about my husband--that he listens to the voice of God.  (Sometimes our answer's comes from the Bible, and other times through people--this time it was through the preaching of our pastor and friend--Ed--when he was quoting what his wife Kim had said to me the day before.--No, I had not told Ben what she had said.)

So today we will complete the application and wait for approval, then we will lock her file, then we will send in a Letter of Intent to China, then we wait for our PA--pre approval, then we begin collecting our paperwork for the dossier and homestudy.  So let the paperwork begin!

Here's what I read in the Bible today---Psalm 20-- go look it up!

Also, please pray for these sweet families who are also adopting--AGAIN!  For Robby and Stan--adopting from China, for Vicki and Billy--adopting from China,  and for Joli and Jason--adopting domestically.

Also, pray for Josie Tatum- Robby and Stan's daughter and Leighanne's buddy she fell at gymnastics and broke her arm.  She had surgery and is doing better, but she needs to heal.

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