Monday, December 13, 2010

Have you Been Wondering-- HOW --God was going to do It?

Well we were wondering too!  Today is the day we are supposed to send in $2100.00 to our adoption agency so we can send in our Letter of Intent to China.  So--we were waiting and waiting . . .  Even yesterday we only knew where some of the money would come from.

Have I mentioned lately that we weren't expecting to be adopting this year?

Well anyways--God is so funny with how the money came to be in our possession.

We sat down to look and see if we could find any money in our budget--you know do without this or that etc.

So we started looking and . . .

1) found that several of our bills had been lower for the months of Oct. and Nov. so we pulled $25 from this one, $40 from that account , etc. and deposited that into the adoption account.
2) discovered that we had a surplus in income for various reasons that we had not noticed before.
3) added the donations that some pretty amazing folks gave to bring Hannah home.
4)threw in some Christmas money that Ben and Julie had been given (what better gift then the gift of a Life right?)
5)had a family meeting and asked the kids what they thought about giving the money we had been saving for a trip to Six Flags for all of their birthdays--without hesitation-- they said "YES!" "Hannah's more important" and so we added that to the pot. (Let me just say that--We have a bunch of awesome kids who get it!)
6) today a special friend brought us an additional donation
and you know what????

It ADDED UP!!!! Now that is GOD's kind of MATH!  What didn't look possible--became possible in God's timing!  So we just sent in our contract and our LOI today. 

We are Smiling--Ear to Ear!  We are giddy with Joy!  We are celebrating that on the other side of the world tucked away in a bed, hopefully sleeping, is a sweet little girl, who doesn't even know that the Agee Family is waiting to bring her home! 

Okay--so now little tears are sliding down my cheeks!

All I can say is Thank you God for showing me again how real you are!  May the glory be all YOURS!


Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Oh, praise the LORD!
We are a little behind on the financing end....but trusting God for every penny. What a faith walk!

Linda said...

What an awesome God we serve!!!! Jehovah Jireh!!

Sabrina said...

THAT is just awesome!!