Sunday, May 29, 2011

Enjoying Life!


I found my self getting anxious last week!  We are waiting for approval for Sara on our 1797 Form from Immigration. And I found myself looking for the mail, waiting for a phone call and checking email every hour (sometimes more often--if I'm being totally honest) and missing out on the events going around me. 

Thankfully,  I didn't stay in that state--I remembered my post about enjoying the moments that we have now.
(Doesn't that stink when your own words come back to get you?) :)

And I also had some sweet fellowship with a friend and she reminded me that it's God's timing, not ours.

So since then--We scooted to Perry, Ga. to see my nephew, Matt, graduate from High School.  Way to go Matt!  We got home at around 3 AM so we decided to sleep in and hang out yesterday.  Much needed I might add.  Before any of you think that sleeping in is all that late--we heard cartoons come on about 9:15 and we finally rolled out of bed at around 10 AM.

Last night we decided to experiment with making our own hamburger buns to go with homecut battered and fried fries and hamburgers.

Here's what they looked like as we were making them . . .

Here's what thay looked like baked and then being eaten! YUMMY!

So--Thank you Lord for reminding me again to enjoy life as it is right this moment!

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