Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Almost 5 months

Yep--We will hit the 5 month mark this weekend.

5 months since Hannah and Sara joined our family.

I can hardly believe that it has already been that long.

So many changes have taken place that I can hardly keep up with it all.

The girls are adjusting pretty well.  We are still getting to know each others personalities, likes and dislikes.

One thing I know for sure is that we DEFINITELY have more ESTROGEN in the HOUSE!

I thought I knew what it was like to live with a girl with Leighanne,and having grown up with 3 sisters, but boy was I way off.

 AND I'm pretty sure God is watching our family and telling his heavenly hosts, "Hey check out the Agee house and see what has happened since I added two more females."   I'm positive much laughter is taking place throughout the heavenly realms.

What's going on you ask?  Feelings getting hurt over legos???  Tears over a tomato added to a sandwhich???  Jealousy over time spent with parents???  Silent treatment when angry???  Pouting???  A few slammed doors???

DO you get a small glimpse?  And for those of you who know me well--I am a kind of no nonsense kind of a girl.  You fall down and you wipe off the blood and you move on.  SO SHOCKER!!  Newsflash Julie--you are not in Kansas anymore.

HOWEVER,  we have had lots of  amazing things happen within our new family.  The girls are learning: to share,  to say I'm sorry when they mess up, that being  part of a family means working together and doing our part,  to say prayers of thanks at meals, and to talk to God at night.

Their English is in explosion mode.  They are understanding great amounts and replying in mostly clear English.

Sara is reading on a 1st grade level and is able to read a passage and answer questions about that passage.  She has just completed a whole unit of fractions and we are getting ready to begin her next math topic.  She is able to identify nouns and she has mastered ABC order and using a dictionary.  WOO HOO!  We have spoken to the guidance counselor at the school she will attend next year, and are getting a plan in place for her for the next school year.

Hannah is reading on a Kindergarten/beginning 1st grade level.  She is really taking off in math.  When she began her schooling, she was struggling with simple addition.  She now is adding 3 digit numbers with regrouping.  She is struggling with subtraction with regrouping, but she is a trooper and working hard.
She loves school and we are seeing growth.

Leighanne still struggles sometimes with all of the changes, but I can see positive growth in her also.  She is now taking Chinese classes once a week.  At home however, we have our own Chinese/English classes taking place.  Sara and Hannah teach Leighanne Chinese and Leighanne teaches the girls English.  Very cute to see this in action--they are quite strict in "class".

We've found a Chinese church in Jacksonville that we are trying to attend one Sunday a month and one Friday night a month.  They are a wonderful group of people and the girls love hearing their language spoken.  We love that the girls are getting to hear about the love of Jesus Christ in their heart language.  On Friday nights, they have a youth program and children's program. The girls love it and Ben and I get a two hour date out of the deal.

So HAPPY 5th Month Home Girls!!!

We love you bunches!

Julie (aka-MOM--MOMMY--MAMA)

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