Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Conversations . . .

I had a few interesting conversations over the last couple of days.  

In fact, as I am writing this I just realized that God had answered a prayer that we prayed for our girls while we were in the process of bringing them home.  Let me just tell you how grateful I am that God answered this prayer!

But, back to the conversations for the moment.

Our Hannah apparently has issues with snakes. (OKAY-SO DOES HER MAMA)  We were on the way to the beach and Hannah asked about snakes.  After we promised her that we would not see any snakes at the beach, she then went into what would happen if we did see a snake.  She said, "If I see a snake, and it bites me, and I die(throwing her head sideways for effect), then Mama will be very, very sad.  To which I replied, "Yes, Hannah, Mama would be very, very sad."  Hannah then added, "I would just go live with Jesus, Mama."  

That was such a HUGE statement from one of our newest members.  WOW!  In 5 months, she is starting to piece together the TRUTH.  Of course, these are just baby steps, But thank you Jesus--that she is starting to see the TRUTH.

On Sunday, we were in Church and Hannah was not wanting to stand and sing.  I told her that this was our time to get to worship Jesus.  Hannah whispered in my ear, "Mama, I didn't have Jesus back in _____."  I whispered back, "That's okay cause Jesus knew all about you and loved you."  Hannah said, "He did? That's right, he love everybody."  Oh, my goodness that just gave me goosebumps thinking about it.  

Can you see how God is at work in her life?  I love to see the mighty hand of God moving.  I'm so thankful that he gave me a small picture of the impact he is having in her life.

Then today, Sara and I were getting ready for school and I asked her if she had heard about Jesus before she came to America.  She said, "Yes, from a lady she knew."  I asked what she taught her about Jesus, and Sara told me that she sang songs about Jesus to her.  OKAY!!!!  YES!  Ben and I prayed that someone would tell her about Jesus while we were waiting to go get her.   How amazing is our God???

Little seeds are being planted into our girls hearts.  Seeds that we pray will take in the fertile soil and grow into  healthy fruit producing trees that bare much fruit for the Kingdom of God.  

And one day, I pray, that the sweet lady who sang songs to my sweet Sara about Jesus and I will get to meet, if not on this earth, than in Heaven.  I will tell her thank you for planting seeds into my daughter's life.

Which brings me to more thoughts.  How many times do we sing or speak about Jesus and we don't see any outcome?   Maybe we think, that was pointless, nothing came of that.  AND that is just what the discourager wants us to think.  So that we will stop sowing the seeds.

BUT DON'T YOU STOP!! You be the best seed sower wherever God has placed you in the world.  It's not up to us to make the seed sprout, that's the work of the Holy Spirit.  It's just our job to sow the seeds.

In Him,



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Michael Ann said...

Oh, how fabulous, Julie! It's always a treat when God gives us a behind-the-scenes peek, isn't it?

kimjax said...

That is so cool!! That woman may never know (till heaven) that the seeds she planted were watered by your family.

Diane said...

Thanks for this post, Julie. It's beautiful to see how God is working even when we know He is!
We are adopting a thirteen year old girl from China too, and are waiting on a referral for a second child. We plan to travel late summer. I have enjoyed following your story!