Wednesday, June 6, 2012

20th Anniversary Cruise!


Yes--We DID!

We had such a great time that Hannah-asked to stay 5 more days. We told her that we couldn't afford that. :) 

 And well--I'd would have just loved to pack up a couple of chefs, our waiter, and our steward and bring them to our house.  That would be a Vacation Everyday! 

But Reality is Just that--REAL.  So we came home and back to the dirty clothes, and the dirty dishes.

But on our cruise--We ate, we played, we ate, we laughed, we ate, we swam, we talked, and we -- you guessed it--ATE!

We made memories and we celebrated complete with cake and a candle to blow out. 

Here's a few pics to see how we celebrated our 20th Anniversary.

And that's all folks . . . We love a cruise vacation--especially with all of the mouths in our family to feed.!


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Diane said...

Wow, Julie!!! That looks awesome!! It's so wonderful to see the children's faces! Precious!