Friday, November 30, 2012

2 Birthdays, A Day of Thanks and a Homecoming!

Okay--I'm not even going to apologize anymore.

I have officially earned the title of "Worst Blogger of the Year!"

I'm actually not all that sad about it either. 

Cause that means I've been too busy to even sit down at the computer for several combined moments.

But today--I'm delaying my gym workout for one hour.

So here we go . . .

We celebrated my 43rd birthday on the 14th!  Yes--I am not even scared to put that out there.  I love birthdays--they give us another year to do more with the time we've been given.

Sara's birthday was the 19th. She turned 15!!  Of course the subject of driving came up. AND we gladly made a deal with her.  When she can pass the written test required by Georgia--she can get her permit.  That seems fair and it comes with a little more inspiration to learn more English.

Next came Our Day of Thanks.  We have had much to be thankful for this past year.  We had a lovely dinner with friends and family.  We were missing one however--Austin was still in Chicago.  AND sorry Vicky and Brook--I don't think yall had arrived when I was running around taking pics.

Next came a very sweet homecoming.  Austin came home on Monday the 26th.  Oh my was it GREAT to give my oldest child a hug. I must admit I've called him a couple of times since then just to hear him answer the phone because I couldn't for so many months.  Seeing him walk down the hallway towards our family was just a very precious reunion.  Loved that!  (It also made me just that much more appreciative of all the men and women who do this year in and year out.  The sacrifice is amazing.  Thank you to those of you who defend our nation.)


Finally, We now have another 18 year old in the house!!

Yep--our Jordan Ross Agee turned 18 on the 28th.  He helped grill the steaks with Ben.  He gave specific marinating instructions--Jordan's special recipe.  And this year he asked for strawberry cheesecake for dessert--great choice.

Sure am amazed that 18 years have passed since this sweet boy turned man entered into our lives.


And if you are still reading this really long blog that should have been written on 4 separate days--well then, you are truly a good friend. 

Hugs to all,


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