Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beautiful Things

We have been home a year today!

I can hardly believe it--so much can happen in a year.

Change occurs.  Some by our choice and some forced upon us.

But none the less--it happens.

I put together this video because I wanted to look back and "see" the visible differences in Sara and Hannah. 

When you look at the beginning pictures--note the uncertainty in their faces.  You can almost feel the anguish of embracing this new normal in their lives.  A move that affected every aspect of their lives.  There was a cultural shift, a food shift, and heaven knows there was the dynamics of their new place in a family.

Then watch closely as their facial expressions begin to slowly gain confidence and acceptance.  You begin to get a sense that they are comfortable in their skin. They have found their "place" and have settled in.


It Is A Beautiful Thing!!!

This is Forever!!

This is the face of Adoption. 

This is a Family.



Linda Dill said...

With tears flowing...HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Praises to our God!!!! Love & miss you all so much!!!

Justin Helton said...

Absolutely wonderful, Julie. God is good and thank you for being God's blessing to those little girls.

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

Just playing blog catch up....after a sleepless night.

LOVE, LOVE the video. You did such a beautiful job. What program did you use?