Tuesday, November 5, 2013

All of Our Kids are in Double Digits!

You Got It!  Ben is getting old--I mean he is the father of all these children you know! 

But really--our youngest daughter Hannah turned 10--almost one month ago.  Yes, you are reading the blog of one put together mama.  Ha!  We had a fabulous birthday party--seriously it really was.
AND it was super easy and lots of fun. 

Believe it or not, we invited her whole class--because if you send invitations to school then you have to include everyone.  (Which is fine with me because how else would I get addresses for 20 kids? Could you even imagine what mess would come home if I asked Hannah's 3rd grade friends to write down their complete address? )  Anyways, we had 10 out of the 20 show up.  A great turn out.

Our theme was an outdoor movie night.  Ben bought this blow-up movie screen from Target online, and we borrowed the projector and speakers.

Next, we put out tarps and covered them with blankets, quilts and pillows.

We set up a Concession Stand outside and it looked like this.

And then the kids started coming and it looked like this.

Hannah opened her presents after we ate and then the movie began!  

We sat under the stars and watched a movie--well mostly, some of the kids got hyped up on all the sugar from the cupcakes, candy, and coke, but that's okay because we were outside and we didn't care if they were noisy or ran around like Tasmanian Devils, but that is beside the point. 

Just had to give a close up picture of the cupcakes and the homemade movie pics that I downloaded for free off of Pinterest and glued to toothpicks.  They were very cute and FREE--did I mention that? 

Also, the baskets that we used to serve the popcorn in were 10 cents each at an end of the summer clearance sale.  I bought 28 of them.  AND they will be reused.

I made Hannah's invitations myself on the computer.  I used  blank movie reel frames and put her pictures in each of the three frames.  It was a simple invitation and it was cute and inexpensive.  Just what I like!

We had neighbors riding/walking by and checking out the movie/party.  So this past weekend we invited 20 of our nearest neighbors to come watch a movie at our house.  We actually had a good turn out and got to meet some new neighbors--we have promised to do it again.

Oh, and a final note--tomorrow our oldest child, Austin, will be 20!
What?? Happy early birthday!!

Maybe--I'll blog before December--or maybe I won't . . .



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