Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good News!

I'm double posting today--here and on our LOVEM Care Blog.  If you think I've been a slacker here, then you will be in shock when you see how long it has been since I posted on our LOVEM home page.

I'm not going to give excuses--just know that with our own mission projects having been welcomed into our home two years ago--our outward focus has been inward.  We are finally breathing in what feels like our new normal and are feeling God making us passionate again for the mighty work that He began in our hearts years ago.  I'm going to copy what I posted on our LOVEM Blog this morning. Over the next few days, I'm planning on adding pictures from various mission projects since LOVEM began in June 2004--yes, we are about to celebrate 10 years of orphan work.  You can go to here to see the updates and pictures.  (Remember--pics are coming!)

Post from LOVEM Care Ministries:

Good News!

"How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news,
the good news of peace and salvation,
the news that the God of Israel reigns." Isaiah 52:7
I just want to relay the Good News that we have to share from our  messengers who live by faith day after day and meet the needs of precious young adults who are trying to find their place in life.
Our 2nd Transition Home in Central Asia is on the verge of completing it's first full year and a half of housing orphans in transition.  What a praise that is!  Here are a few specific updates from the year:
  • They began church services in their home on a weekly basis.
  • They have already had 2 salvations as results of the outreach into neighboring villages.
  • All of the girls at the home are taking classes and working part-time jobs.
  • They are rebuilding their chicken business as a way to support the home.
Both of our transition homes take in orphans who have aged out of the orphanages in Central Asia and need shelter, food, clothing, while trying to go to college or technical school.  Our homes do meet their physical needs, but they do so much more than that.  Our homes are staffed by spiritually grounded Christian couples who have been trained with Bible knowledge.  They live in the same home with the transitioning young adults and they pour their hearts into them.  Day by day, week by week, they struggle together, they laugh together, and they learn what is like to be loved unconditionally.  Ever so slowly they see the love of Jesus lived out before them on a day to day basis.  Every week they get to participate in Bible study and church meetings as a family with other believers. 
Our 1st Transition Home has seen many young adults leave their house and enter into their communities as educated, productive citizens.  Many of those left as believers in Jesus Christ and are now taking the Good News with them.
We can't wait to see what God is going to do in both homes this year.  I am still amazed that we get to be apart of something so much bigger than ourselves.  That the same God who spoke the stars into being knit our hearts together with other believers around the world with the same purpose--to care for orphans.
In Him Who is Able,
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