Friday, February 11, 2011

A Waiting Angel in China . . .

I want to be better about advocating for children in need--this just came across my inbox.

This 13 year old only has a few months left before it will be too late for her to find a forever family.  I do not know any more about her than this information that was sent to me--but God knows all about her and her needs.  We know that she needs a family--now.  Pray about opening your home--we've all been blessed to bless others.  See if God is calling you to be her Mom and Dad.

Makayla was born August, 1997. She must be adopted before her 14th birthday, or she will no longer be eligible to find a forever family. She can use her legs well, but her upper arms are difficult for her to use. She has learned to use her feet to do things instead of her hands. We have some amazing photos of her coloring, using a computer, and completing household tasks. She can read the numbers 1-1000 and do calculations. She knows Pin-yin, can read well, understands the use of more than 500 Chinese characters, and knows color, shape and direction. She can eat, drink, wash her hands and face, take a bath and dress herself without help. She can write and draw with her foot, sweep the floor, put her things in order, and change the bed cover. She communicates with others freely and gets along well with everybody. She adapts to new environments quickly and can express her feelings and needs. She also has a strong sense of morality and is kind to everyone. She focuses carefully on whatever she is doing and is good at observing and describing her surroundings. She is cooperative with adults and helpful with the younger children. She is a Great Wall Special Focus child. She is #944 on our photo list.

If you want more info. on how to contact Great Wall let me know.

PLEASE PRAY for Makayla to find a home.


Penny said...

I know a couple who are in the process of adopting a girl who is close to not being able to be adopted. They are hopeful they will receive all of the paperwork by mid April. I will pray for this girl you mentioned. What is the link to see her picture?

Julie said...

Penny--She is a Great Wall Special Focus Child. She might be on Rainbow Kids, but this information came from Great Wall.