Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life IS Precious!

I know we all know this--but having just recently returned from Macon, GA having spent 7 days with my brother-in-law David and my sister, Kelley,  I now KNOW how precious Life really is.

One February 10th my brother-in-law started feeling like he was having a heart attack while driving from a client back to his office.  He felt so unusual that he called his office and asked them to call 911 and have an ambulance waiting for him when he returned to the office.  He was taken to one hospital then later transferred to another hospital that same day.  He wasn't diagnosed with a heart attack--his test kept coming back normal.  They decided to do a precautionary hearth cath because his enzymes finally showed abnormal.  Before the doctor went back, he told my sister Kelley that he would be able to let her know something at about 11 am.

At 11:02am--Kelley said she saw nurses start running back to the operating room --she knew it wasn't good news.  About 2 minutes later the doctor said, "We have to move him to the Coliseum Hospital right now--he has to have emergency open heart surgery."

David was diagnosed with an ascending aneurysm.  If you are in the medical field--you know this isn't good.  We now know that this kind of aneurysm is called, "the widow maker".  Most people that have this kind of emergency operation don't live to talk about it.

David was rushed from Warner Robins to Macon and in the operating room by 11:48.  One of the nurses later told us that they never stopped at ER--just strait to OR. 

The doctor told Kelley that the operation would last between 6 - 8 hours.  Prayers were going up all across Georgia and other states.  David's life was literally in the hands of Jesus.

I know many of you were praying--I just want to think you so much.

When the doctors were finished removing the aneurysm, they discovered that David had a Bicuspid aortic valve, and had to replace it.  Amazingly his heart was working at 30%.

It was a long day for everyone.  We arrived at the hospital around 7:45 pm.  When we got there the doctor had just told Kelley that even though surgery was finished, David wasn't doing well and was bleeding alot.  His blood pressure was going up.  David again was in for the fight for his life.

A few minutes later a nurse came in and told us that he was stable and okay.  That his blood pressure had settled down.

My sister Karen and I stayed with our sister Kelley in the CVICU waiting room--it was a long night.  Kelley was able to go back and see David around 1:30 am.  He was resting/sleeping.

Over the next few days David received 4 more pints of blood, and his kidneys were not functioning properly.  But through it all, God continued to work and David's hemoglobin and kidneys finally made a turn around.

David was able to go home on Sunday the 20th.  That is a miracle all in it's self. 

What some of you may not know is that Kelley and David were in the process of moving when all of this happenend.  It was amazing when the school that Kelley works at came in and packed up most of the house, and then Kelley and David's church moved the furniture and everything else during the time they were in the hospital.  God worked things to give a sweet blessing to my sister and brother-in-law.

Please continue to pray for God to use their testimony for His Glory.  Pray that lives will be changed.  Pray that David and Kelley get to have special bonding time during the recovery time.  Pray for their four boys as they go through this--that God will use this in a mighty way.  Pray for me that I will remember daily that Life is Precious and not take that for granted.

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Shirley said...

Oh my gosh Julie -- I had no idea you and your family were going through this! How fortunate David was in tune with his body and saw the signs. How fortunate for your sister that she had you for support. We'll keep ALL of you in our prayers. Miss you!