Sunday, June 26, 2011

Going, Going, Gone!

It's started!

The Nesting!

After completing Leighanne and Hannah's room (pics to come maybe later this week), we started Sara's room.

Remember that mural that my youth group kids helped paint?  Well it is no longer.  Here's what happened ...

Before and

During  and


Prettty GREEN walls and a little animal print!  We are still working on all of the details, but my sister Kelley did a fantastic job painting the dresser(which I found on the side of the road in a trash pile).   AND she helped this pitiful rolling paint girl finish rolling the room.  (Note:  Ben usually rolls and the large part of a room and I do the cutting in and details-we make a pretty good team!)

We were able to snag a few throw pillows for the bed at 80% off at Hobby Lobby.  Taylor and Leighanne helped pick them out.  Her comforter was ordered online on sale for $30.00 including sheets--it was a big bargain.

As soon as we get it all together with curtains and everything, I'll post some pics.

But for now--I am being a little artsy--and LOVING creating a room for our sweet Sara.

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lizzielou said...

That is SO exciting to be doing a room for your girls! The green walls and animal print look great together!