Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

We are having a funny Father's Day!  (Pics below)

Yesterday, Leighanne made  a decorative plate with a picture on it for Ben.

She drew out her idea on a blank paper and then did NOT look at it again when she started drawing on the plate.

You need to know what she drew was a picture of Ben on the day that we "GOT" her in China.

and then she thought she wrote, "Happy Father's Day!"

BUT . . .

What she really wrote was this! 

Yes--Happy Fatter's Day!   What every middle-aged daddy wants to see!  :)

After laughing, and laughing, she corrected her oops!  This is what it now looks like . . .


Here's Father's Day Morning and Gift Giving . . .

Ready with coffee and present

Daddy reading his card

Wow! Leighanne -- I've trained her Right!  She's a Georgia Girl!

Ben with his New and Improved plate!

Happy Father's Day to the Bestest Dad in the whole wide world!!

I love being a parent with you--you help make our life a great

adventure!  I LOVE YOU!!

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Sabrina said...

What a funny Father's Day indeed!!