Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ok--So We Really Have Been Doing School at Home!

I know.  I Know.  Another Mother of the Year Trophy for my mantle. 

I failed to capture our first day of school for Zach and Leighanne in pictures.

I could make all kinds of excuses . . .

The dog ate the camera!

We were so busy being perfect that--nope--no one would even believe that!

We were enjoying ourselves so much that time got away!

Really--it was such an insane day that I just didn't get to it.

But it really did happen--we began Georgia Cyber Academy on August 15th with Zach and Leighanne.

Zach began his 9th grade year and Leighanne began 4th.

We are still making adjustments, and no, it has not been perfect, but we are beginning to feel a little more at ease. 

Zach  has 5 teachers and attends classes online.  He loves the independence of working on his on. (We will see how that continues.)

I am having to tweak Leighanne's schooling.  The GCA program for her is not flexible enough for how I will need to meet the needs for all three girls when we return from China.

So we are making plans over the weekend to gear up for Round #2.  But hey--that's the beauty of home schooling-- You get to make the choices you need to make.

We took our first field trip for 1/2 day on Friday--Bowling at the StrikeZone with other GCA Families. 

Our days have been filled with schoolwork, but there is the blessing that when we are finished there is no homework.  Love that!

So--maybe there wasn't a 1st Day of School Picture--But who's to say the 7th Day of School isn't just as good?

Check them out . . .


Andrea said...

I only did homeschool for 6 months during a moving transition but I loved the flexibility it gave us. If I could, I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Happy (7th) 1st day of school!

Martha said...

This year is our 8th year has it been that long?