Monday, August 1, 2011

Random Thoughts!

Be patient with me today.

I have many Random Thoughts going through my head this morning.

First, of all, Can I just say I love my church family?  I felt so loved yesterday, and encouraged on this journey.  And I feel so blessed to be walking this journey with a few amazing couples who are also in the process of adopting/fostering.  God is really at work in the hearts of our people.

Secondly, I was a witness last night to the reality that it only takes a second for life to literally be on the brink of passing away.  We met with some families who have adopted from China from Fernandina, FL.  We were at a subdivision pool and one of the little girls nearly drowned. 

It was so surreal.

 One minute I was talking to the little girl's mama and the next the lifeguard was yelling for someone to call 911.  Apparently, the little girl was under the water and another girl drug her to the pool side.  I ran with the mother to where the little girl was lying on her side.  The lifeguard handed me the phone and said for me to talk to 911.  At first, I don't think she was breathing, but in a manner of seconds she started throwing up.  They checked her airway, and she was breathing.  Then she started gasping for air and coughing.  It was so scary.  And all the while I'm talking to the operator, it was almost one of those out of body experiences.

The nearest ambulance was on another call, so the paramedics with the fire department arrived on the scene first.  Thankfully, by the time the ambulance arrived she was coherrent and able to hold her own oxygen mask on her face. 

What a reality check--one moment full of life, then next, in a fight for life.

But God gave this precious girl another day --it was not her moment to go home.

Thirdly,  we had the biggest blessing of getting to meet a Chinese couple at the gathering.  The wife is from Beijing and the husband is from Hunan--Leighanne and Hannah's province.  They so graciously have volunteered to help translate for us when we get our girls home.  They only live 20 minutes away.  Another piece of the puzzle for this adoption.

Finally, this is kind of silly--but 2 little ladybugs landed on my shirt at the poolside party.  Ladybugs are the goodluck symbol for Chinese adoptions.  I don't believe in "goodluck", but I thought it was a gentle reminder that as our 2 girls in China are waiting for their family, God is in the process of creating a MIRACLE for this to take place.

Thanks for being patient for these random thoughts.

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