Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Piece of the Puzzle

Today we received our I-800 Provisional Paper saying that "yes" we are again approved to bring our girls home.  (Whoop! Whoop!) 

Now we will wait about 10 days for a piece of paper called the NVC.  Then will wait 3 - 5 weeks for our  Article 5.  Finally, we will then be in the wait for our TA (Travel Approval) and then we will wait for a CA(Consulate Appointment). 

Somewhere in all these final days of waiting we will begin school and start trying to prepare for this journey.

Major Milestones are occurring in our house.  Austin will be a SENIOR!  Jordan will be a JUNIOR!  Zach will begin his Freshman year online with a program called Georgia Cyber Academy (K-12).  Leighanne will begin 4th grade online also in Georgia Cyber Academy (K-12).  Zach and Leighanne are traveling to China with us and Austin and Jordan are staying behind at home.  Nana and Papa are coming to stay some of the time and we are working out the details with the other days.

Let's just say that we are not bored at our house!  Always plenty to keep us moving!

I'm also trying to decide on a curriculum for our girls to learn English--lots to look at.

Any advice from adoptive moms who have taught English to older children sure would be appreciated.

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