Sunday, July 17, 2011

What is Prayer?

God has really been teaching me a lot about prayer lately. How often do we think of prayer as taking our laundry list of things we want to God and rattling them off like we are sitting in Santa's lap telling what we want for Christmas? Even when we get pious and pray for others, we still often take a list of what we want God to do.... Don't misunderstand me -- I believe God does want to hear what your needs are, but even more important -- He wants to share with you about who He is. God wants to whisper in His still small voice some scripture for you to read that reveals something about Him. He wants to tell you something to do that will reveal something about who He is as you do it.

Doesn't it really bless you (not!) when you meet someone new and all they do is talk about themselves and tell you all about their goals, desires, needs, etc. Do you think sometimes God feels the same way when we talk with Him?

Prayer is communicating (two-way) with a Friend who is closer than a brother. It is talking with our "Abba Father (aka Daddy)" and getting to know Him better.

I want to challenge you as God has challenged me.... start approaching your prayer time this way and it will change your life.


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