Monday, July 11, 2011

Mom--Can we go to the Pool?

have been
to the pool
about 999 times
this summer!

Okay--wait, MAYBE that has been how many times I've been asked, "Are we going to the pool today?"

Really though, we have been spending a lot of time at the pool, the beach, and with friends.

Here's Leighanne and some of her friends at the POOL! 

Kaitlin, Leighnne and Ashley

Ready . . .





Leighanne at Josie Tatum's Pool

Josie Tatum getting ready to slide

Ellie and her goggles!

 I need to explain the next few pics and the condition of our living room.  Every once in a while we have  marathon movie madness.
On Saturday, we began the Harry Potter Marathon.  Needless to say we have only made it to movie # 5.  We are gearing up for the latest movie to be released this weekend.  This is my first time watching the movies.  It was kind of like the Lord of the Ring Series.   Everyone kept telling me to watch them--and once I did I liked them.  Harry Potter has been the same way.  I am really enjoying the movie series.  Great writing!

Soooo ....  This is why our living room looks like a camping site.  You need to be comfortable to watch movies for hours and hours!

Jordan, Taylor and Austin

  And of course--you need brownies for nourishment when you are laying around watching TV!

Zach testing the batter

Gotta go--getting ready to watch #5 tonight!

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