Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And a Merry Christmas from the New Agee Family!

Christmas Pic 2011

We are so blessed to be the parents of six beautiful kiddos.  They keep us young at heart (even though the age doesn't seem to match) LOL! 

We know we have experienced a Miracle Year with the adoption of Hannah and Sara.  God has been faithful and true!

I wonder what 2012 will bring??? 

Maybe--some sleep!  A girl can dream right?

SOO . . . Hope your Holidays were Awesome--Ours Rocked!

Here's Proof . . . . . .

Sassy and Ready for Christmas Eve Service!

Yes--I know I look cute!

Love Christmas Pajama's for the kids! 

When the girls saw their bikes on Christmas Morning, they screamed so loud that our neighbors across the street heard them and came outside to see what was going on.  (Note: The bikes were in the garage and we told all the kids to grab trash and take it to the garbage to get them to go into the garage.) 

Austin's gift to Taylor--A food dehydrator!  ??? 
Nope not really--but he made her a card that said that
 he wanted her to make him some beef jerky!  LOL

The Real Present

OHHH! A beautiful amythest ring!

I'm guessing she liked it! 

And he liked his gifts also!!
(Including the coin that is not pictured!)

Hope your Christmas Rocked Too!



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Martha said...

love that sweet family photo at the top! My oldest got those same grinch pjs too. Great minds think a the grinch!