Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Happenings

I'm taking a break--from my "Break"!  (Yes-today was mommy needs some peaceful moments today or she might need a room on that "special ward"--but enough about that--that is a blog for another day.)

Today I'm catching you up on what has been going on behind the Christmas business.

We visited Nana and Papa's House earlier this month and made Grandma Baxley's homemade fudge recipe.  The girls loved helping Nana learn the special techniques to make the fudge.  The rest of us helped eat the fudge and boy was it "yummy".

 The Girls have found the Dress Up Box--and boy have they been looking B-U-Tee-Ful!

My friend Yan gave us wrappers and a recipe for "dumplings".  We think they tasted pretty good.  The girls help make them for one of our real Chinese suppers.  We made. . .


Egg Rolls

Jalapenos and Green Beans

Fried Rice

Veggie Stir-fry

Ok--Corn on the Cob was another night--but look at what Hannah did with her chopstick!

We have also been busy making cookies and delivering them to our neighbors, looking at lights around town, and even going to a couple of Christmas Parties. 

One of our highlights though--has been to watch the girls start to get that Christmas is Baby Jesus' Birthday.  They have learned two songs about baby Jesus that I'm going to do my best to record at least a little bit to share--it is precious.

So even though I reached an "overwhelmed with life point this week".  We are still managing to bring the focus back to the one who made this chaotic life possible--Jesus.  

I can always go to the one who can turn my chaos into calmness.

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The Annessa Family said...

Love the chopstick corn! So so blessed to see your family enjoying the season!