Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fighting 4 Carly!!!

It took us a little longer to get this together than we wanted--but it finally has come together!  YAY!

We are going to have a fundraiser to help out Carly's family with their expenses.  Remember this is their 4th time to fight cancer. 

Can You IMAGINE??  I know we can't!  We can't even imagine it once, and certainly not 4 times.

SO here's what we are going to do.  Between February 4th and February 8th we will have a ChipIn button on our blog.  During those 4 days we want you to please donate to the fundraiser.

The really cool part is that we have secured a matching grant for up to $ (The amount will be announced on February 1st)

Yep, You got it for every dollar donated up to our "magic number" (announced on February 1st)  will be DOUBLED!!

YES--DOUBLED!!! (Thanks to the people who have already agreed to be matching donors--you ROCK!!
(If you would like to be a matching donor--I need to know by January 31, 2012 --email me at

So here is what we need you to do . . .

1)  PRAY for Carly and her family!  They need to feel our support and love.

2) Get the WORD OUT!  If you blog, facebook, twitter or email please put out the word and send people to our blog between February 4th and 8th.

3) DONATE!!!   No amount is too little to count!  Just think . . .  if  1000 people give $5.00 that becomes $5,000.00.   Can you sacrifice one trip to a restaurant and donate that money?  Please don't pass up this opportunity to help. 

100% of everything donated will go straight to help their family!  There will not be a prize or gift, nope this is a straight from your heart gift. (Note: I'm not against those--just didn't feel like that was the way to go on this fundraiser)

So  that's the plan--please get the WORD OUT!! 

Here's a video of Carly dancing this past September (before this recent relapse)--get a kleenex.  You will need it!

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