Monday, January 30, 2012

SHHHHH...Don't tell anybody!!!!!

OK--I LIED!!! Tell EVERYONE you know--email--twitter--blog!!

The "Fighting 4 Carly" Fundraiser begins in 5 days.  5 DAYS!















I'm still not going to tell the whole amount until Wednesday!  SO CHECK  BACK!

You will be able to start donating on this blog beginning at 12:01 on February 4th until February 8th.

There will be a matching grant for up to $(at least 500--but it's more I promise!)

Now--Your Mission if you choose to accept is to get the word out there.


Carly's surgery is scheduled for Feb. 6th-- Right smack in the middle of this fundraiser.

Think that's a coincidence?  I don't!  God knew that we would be praying for this sweet family during the fundraiser.

Latest updates on Carly are at:

Love you bunches my bloggy friends!


PS.  JUST TO MAKE THIS FUN!!!! Here's a little contest!

If you Help to get the word out about our "FIGHTING 4 Carly!" Fundraiser your name will be put in a drawing for a $20.00 Amazon Gift Card.

Here are the ways to get your name "in the Hat"!

1) Link to our Blog on Facebook  = 1 chance for the $20.00 Amazon Gift Card
2) Email 50 friends telling them about "Fighting 4 Carly Fundraiser" and include a link to our blog = 1 chance for the $20.00 Amazon Gift Card
3) Make a mention and link on your own blog = 1 chance for the $20.00 Amazon Gift Card
4) Twitter a link to this blog to your twitter account = 1 chance for the $20.00 Amazon Gift Card

Then leave a comment and tell me how you Helped get the Word Out! 
 If you can't get a comment to work then e-mail me at
AND YES--You can get a chance for each way that you get the word out!  SO that's up to 4 chances!

Really in the end it's about helping Carly fight 4 a win against cancer!!!


Anonymous said...

I reposted on facebook

Julie said...

Thanks for reposting and since I know who this anonymous person is--you will get your name in the hat!

Everyone else--leave me your name or email me personally and then I will have your info. to put in the hat!

Jordan Agee said...

I re-posted this on facebook

Brookee said...

I tweeted a link. #praying4carly

Julie said...

Thanks so much!!! Keep praying that God will bless this family!!!

bessbess30 said...

Hey Julie,
I reposted to Facebook and on my blog. : ) I'm praying for Carly and her family!!