Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OK--I don't have Pictures . . .

But I do want to share about our wonderful weekend in Florida.

We went to Melbourne, FL to visit our good friends Ed and Kim Davis.

Our girls were best buds while they lived in St. Marys with us.  AND Hannah and Sara are also beginning to develop a good friendship also.  I love that!

One of the highlights of our trip was getting to worship at church with them on Sunday morning.  Ed and Kim had asked us to share our testimony about our Faith Journey to get Hannah and Sara. 

It was truly an honor to get to give God the Glory for proving to be so Faithful to us on this journey.  We were reminded of all of the ups and downs and moments of Faith that we lived through this past year and really the past 8 years. 

It also helped us to relive the emotions of our 2 failed adoptions of Madina and Taylor and how God's hand was at work throughout this story as redemption took place through the adoptions of Hannah and Sara.

Did you know that Sara was the same age Madina was when we started her adoption? AND that Hannah was the same age as Taylor when we began her adoption?  Do you think that was coincidence? I don't!  I believe that my Daddy in Heaven cares about the details in every way!

Did you know that we began the adoption process of Hannah after our Orphan Sunday Event in 2010, and that our 1st Sunday home with both girls was on Orphan Sunday 2011? 

There are so many amazing pieces to our girls' story.  We truly are amazed every time we think about the journey.

A mighty BIG THANKS goes out to Ed and Kim for giving us the opportunity to give God the Glory!

While we were there, Hannah decided to become a comedian.  She cracked us up with her Chinglish.

One of the funniest things she said was to a man that was fishing on a bridge.  She was touching a fish that he was holding up, and she asked, "Are you Chinese?" (Now let me describe this man to you--He was an older white man with bright blue eyes and graying hair--He did NOT look Chinese at all.)  He replied, "No I'm not.  Are you?"  Hannah, not missing a beat replied, "Only a little bit."  To which this man started cracking up! 

At church a lady spoke to Hannah in Chinese and said, "Hello. How are you?"  Hannah said back to her in plain English--"I not know Chinese." Even though she had previously been speaking Chinese to Sara. We have a funny girl in our midst!

Hope you have a Blessed Day!


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