Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Truly Blessed Day!

Have I told you that I have some pretty cool kids?  Yep-they really are!

Today I was greeted by 6 kids in their PJ's and a fab-u-lous omelet!  (Prepared by my hubby--bonus points Ben!)

Then for me--My whole gang dressed to the nines for me!  Including dress shirts and ties for the guys (which rarely happens cause we go to a very laid back church).  They girls looked pretty adorable in their outfits also.

Then at church, they all sat with us for a change (the teens usually sit with the other teens).  I asked Ben if he told them to--He said nope they did that all by themselves--Very sweet guys!

Now they are getting the ingredients together to make me a steak dinner with baked potatoes, salad, and a yummy dessert--I'm being surprised.

But you know what truly made my day--2 different people stopped me today and told me what sweet kids we had.  One said they were polite and well mannered and the other one said they were hard workers.  That was such a blessing to be told that.

Let's me know that some of the hard work of parenting is working.

Hope all mother's out there have a blessed day!

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