Friday, July 20, 2012

Calling All Knitters or Crocheters . . .

I need some hats.

Small hats for babies.

Little hats for tots.

Medium size hats for kids.


Large hats for big kids/adults.

Why do I need these hats?  Good Question.

Because they will be traveling to Central Asia to warm some orphans cold little heads.

Because putting a hat on their head and gloves on their hands and socks on their feet meets a real need in their lives.

Because it will give us an opportunity to pray sweet prayers of blessings over the littlest orphans, and we will be able to tell the older kids/young adults WHY we would travel around the world to bring them a hat, gloves, and socks.

How many do you need? 

About 70 for babies to 5 year olds.

About 10 for tweens/young teens.

About 15 for young adults/adults.

When do you need them by?

October 1st

Where can I send them to?

Julie Agee
100 Wild Grape Dr.
St. Marys, GA 31558

So get your needles or looms, get some cool washable yarn, and get to creating a homemade hat for an orphan in Central Asia.

And please leave a comment if you want to participate, so I will know how many to expect.

If you don't knit, but you know those that do--pass the word.  I'd appreciate the help.

One final thought--get your kids involved and let them experience the joy of helping another child around the world.

Feel free to include a picture of yourself and a blessing for the child who receives the hat.  Please do NOT include your last name or address etc. 




paula said...

You can count on me! I love to loom knit!

Anonymous said...

I will make some :) I have lots of yarn to use!

Lu Speakes said...

Im in! I have so much surplus yarn now I can put it to great use!

Lu Speakes said...
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Lu Speakes said...
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