Friday, August 10, 2012

I Almost Missed It!

Really!  I can't believe I almost missed the opportunity to read this workbook!

I just finished Day 2--and let me tell you--I am writing this with little tears in my eyes.


I have never thought of looking at my situation from the viewpoint that the author gave.  I have read the passage (Mark 4: 35-39) that she shared today many times before.  But today--I had a fresh encounter with these words from the Bible.

Today's question was "Do You Not Care?"  a completely different question than yesterday's "Do You Care?"

"Do You Not Care?" is negative--it assumes the one being questioned is guilty of Not caring.  The author established yesterday that God cares and will never forget us or our situations, so we KNOW that GOD CARES!

BUT--sometimes we find ourselves doubting--in a state of unbelief--and then the author threw out this question, "Do you take God "just as He is"?  And that's the question that made me STOP and THINK!  And when I was faced with the truth of my answer--I thought--forgive me God, sometimes I don't!  Help me to take you just as you are--even when I don't understand your ways.

I am going to stop right there--and let that question really sink in.  Do you take God "just as He is"?

I'm not going to share any more of the wisdom from this workbook today--I want you to read the words, then dig deep within yourself and let the Holy Spirit lead you to the truth.

And I know you are asking, "But how can I do that--you haven't told us the name of the book or the author?"

I promise I will after I finish Day 5--so just 3 more days!

And then--I want you to get this Bible Study. 

Just an FYI--I'm not being paid to review this--it a totally volunteer thing! 

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