Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another waiting child who needs a family

I've said before that I want to advocate for waiting children this year.  So when I got an e-mail asking me to get this sweet girl's story out--I just had to.

She is a beautiful 13 year old who will age out of the system in November. Here's her story.

"Sara turns 14 in November, and she must be adopted before then or she will lose the opportunity for a forever family.  She has a prosthetic eye, but her vision in her remaining eye is good. She was abandoned at birth and raised by the person who found her until he passed away in 2006.  She then came to live at the orphanage.  She has good scores every term in school. She respects teachers and gets along well with fellow students. She has good language expression capability. She studies hard and is good at imitating. She is popular among students and teachers. Since admission she can care for her own life and knows how to wash clothes with a washing machine. She does house cleaning and her personal hygiene regularly. She loves little animal and stuffed toys. Generally she is an active, restless, confident, easy-going and popular girl.

Update 2/2011:  She loves playing sports and drawing. She is active, lively and gets along well with other children. She is outgoing, active, extroverted and sociable. She enjoys playing with other children and gets along very well with them. She is in Grade 6 in school. She is kind to younger students and often helps others. She can also help teachers keep order of class.  She is willing to be adopted by a foreign family. She hopes for a better living, learning and home environment. She believes it’s very helpful for her development in the future. However, she worries a little about language obstacles. She hopes she will overcome difficulties by her efforts and adapt to foreign environment as soon as possible. She looks forward to a warm, loving family."

My impression of her is that she seems very social and may adjust quickly to a new life. She will, of course, need special care and emotional support as she has already gone through some big changes. But overall a typical 13 year old! Due to the short time frame, her best chance is to be adopted by a family who is already traveling to China to adopt in the near future, or has adopted within the past 12 months and can use a copy of their dossier.

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Please pray for this sweet girl to find a family.  I watched a video Sunday about a family who had adopted several children.  Here is a quote from a 13 year old who had been adopted by this family.  She said, "We always have room for one more."  I can't help to think that someone has room for this one.

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