Friday, April 15, 2011

It's in an Airplane!

And it's making its way to China.

And hopefully we will get our Log In Date this next week.

Yep--Our dossier is on it's way!  After many months of gathering all the documents--this phase of Hannah Grace's adoption is over.

SO WHAT'S NEXT?  I know many of you are like me--wanting to know what's around the corner.

Well we will wait anywhere from 5 weeks to 12 weeks for our official referral of Hannah Grace.

Then we will wait for our Travel approval (3 to 4 months)--and then we will prepare to travel. 

This would be a Great, Fantastic, Marvelous time for you to join us in prayer.

Seriously--if it's God's will, we would love to travel before all the shutdown time in October.  (This is our desire--it may not be God's)   Pray for God's will for our family.  Pray that if we don't travel before then, that he will make all of the provisions necessary for the additional paperwork that we will need to get.

Pray for us during this wait time.  While I am comitting to appreciate everyday that I have with my family, I am aching to kiss those cute cheeks, hold that little girl tight, snuggle with Hannah and Leighanne for story time, paint toenails and fingernails, go feed the ducks at our pond, go camping and sit around the fire, and pray over another little Agee child. 

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Lora said...

Hey, there! What great news! Another dossier finished - y'all are PROS by now! We're still praying for y'all and Hannah!

Love ya,