Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Simple E-mail

I got a simple e-mail the other day.

It sparked my interest because it was from someone wanting ideas about how to start an adoption/orphan ministry in their church.

For those of you that know me--this topic will catch my attention in a heartbeat. 

I  emailed this person back and I have committed to pray for this church and for the leaders undertaking this mission.

It's not a simple mission.

 If you've ever started an adoption/orphan ministry you probably know that some of your obstacles will come from within the building where the church meets.  Some Christians haven't had their eyes and hearts opened to the real need of the orphan.  They don't know that today--April 5, 2011 -- 26,000 children died or will die because they starved to death.  They don't know that today orphans all over the world will go to bed hungry, cold/hot and without someone to read a bedtime story to them.  They don't understand that boys and girls are being sold into the sex trade and will eventually die from the diseases they catch while being beaten and starved.  They don't understand that older orphans will age out of the orphanages around 16-18 years old with not much more than a few dollars and the clothes on their back be expected to make it on their own.  They don't know and sometimes, frankly, they don't want to know.

It's not fun to live with these stats--this is the kind of truth that will keep you up at night--praying to God to help you know what to do. 

It's the kind of information that will have you wondering--who will tell these children about Jesus?

As a child of God we are commanded to tell them about Jesus.  Some of these children live in the same neighborhoods with us--they are in our fostercare system.  Some of them are across the world.  Near or far, the command still stands--we are to tell them about Jesus. Sometimes this will mean meeting their physical needs while we share, but it really doesn't matter what platform you use to share the good news about Jesus--it's just imperative that we share.

So I'm committing to pray with this church for their orphan ministry--and I 'm going to ask you to pray for this church. 

  • Pray for the leaders organizing this ministry.  Pray for protection for their marriages and their ministry.  Pray for their families and homes.
  • Pray that God will lead them to the information they need to begin this ministry.
  • Pray that God will help them to have a clear direction and purpose for this ministry.
  • Pray that they will have unity and likemindness within their faith family.
  • Pray that they will keep the goal of sharing the good news about Jesus as their ultimate goal.
  • Pray that God will begin to work on the hearts of their faith family to soften their hearts towards orphans/adoption ministry.
  • Pray that God's will be done and that He alone will get the glory.
It's not an easy or simple mission to work towards, but what God leads us to do, He provides the resources.

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Psalm139verse14 said...

oh Julie, thank you for posting about this subject!!! I know you know my heart for this. Let me just say that the past few years at our church have been incredibly frustrating for me as I try and pray for people to have their eyes opened and their hearts captured!! How can churches funnel thousands to new carpet and basketball gyms with 147-163million orphans in the world?? Kills me!! I appreciate your passion and courage.