Thursday, February 9, 2012

$10,000 IT IS!!!

Look at what our Amazing God has done!!!

I got a phone call today--it was someone wanting to give the last $600!  And so, the last $600 needed is being deposited today at Auburn Bank.  WOOHOO!

We want to personally THANK YOU for helping to raise this money for the Parker Family.

Thank You for giving of yourselves to bless others.  Blessing others is what we have been created to do. 

And it is still not too late.  I know there will be more expenses along the way for the Parker Family.
The fund at the bank in Auburn is always available to receive donations.
You can send a check to:
Auburn Bank
Attn: The Carly Marie Parker Fund
P.O. Box 3110
Auburn, AL 36831-3110

Again, Thank you so much--we are overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving!


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