Friday, February 3, 2012

In Just a few short Hours . . .

It will begin! 

FIGHTING 4 Carly Fundraiser!

Ok--I admit the post with the CHIPIN button is already written and scheduled to go online at 12:01AM Eastern Time!

It's Ready because I am excited to watch God work on the hearts of family, friends, colleagues, workout buddies, friends of friends and really total strangers to bless this family.

I know He's already at work--I've gotten some really JAM-UP emails that are telling me so!

AND  I talked with Miki and Scott (Carly's parents), and they shared some more of God's activity in their lives. 

SO really, I'm just giddy with excitement today--in fact I wanted to go ahead and post that CHIPIN Button--but I held back--we said tonight and tonight it will be.

But I did promise a winner for the "MINI-Get Out the Word Contest" and so Sara, our newly adopted treasure from China, just pulled out the winner of the $20.00 Amazon Gift Card:

Marina in Hawaii (and what a sweet post it was!!!)   See I told you God is at work--people all over are reading about this Fundraiser. 

AND--You can still get the word out--you won't win anything but the joy of knowing you helped the Parker Family! 

Which is plenty to be happy about in my opinion!

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