Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little of This and That

While we were busy having a fundraiser for the Parker Family, we were also busy living life.

SO to catch you up on the details here we go . . .

Weekend in Florida with the Davis Family

Leighanne and Kaitlin helping Hannah "Walk the Plank"

Exploring in the Water

All dressed up

Kicking off our Chinese New Year Celebration at the
University of North Florida Chinese New Year Production

Our Family with Kevin and Bailin

Our Good Friends Bailin and Yan

Hannah got her new prosthetic eye and glasses--Isn't she adorable?
She also "fixed" her hair.  LOL!

Austin just can't stay away from the "Tattoo Parlor"

Look at this dedicated artist--her other helpers
( Leighanne, Sara and Taylor) got out of the picture!

And finally,  No Pictures were allowed-- but Austin and Jordan got their wisdom teeth taken out on Friday.

Wish you could have been with us on our trip home.

Austin kept trying to get us to get the "sharp screws out of his mouth" and Jordan laughed at everything Austin said. 

We were a comedy act on the road.

Next up for this Agee Family--more shots this week for Hannah and Sara, then Sara gets two teeth removed in the next couple of weeks and soon after that--braces!

Always busy in our little neck of the woods!

Much love,


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