Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fairytales vs. God's Ways

I guess I set myself up for failure yesterday. (My peace about TA went out the window--for a little while.)

I had this idea in my head that we were supposed to travel in September to go get our girls. 

I guess somewhere in all of this raw emotion floating around  I thought that God would bring us our TA, level the mountain with one swoop, and off to China we would go to get our girls.

BUT  it didn't happen that way.  That was the fairytale version.  My thoughts.  My vision.

I don't doubt that God's going to accomplish this task.  I really believe He will bring our girls home.

The problem lies within--I'm still trying to get God to work within my world.  (That makes me laugh to myself as I type it!)

Just who do I think I am?  Really? 

God does have a sense of humor in all of this.  Want to know what my quiet time was on today?  Taking your eyes off of yourself and trying to see the world through God's eyes. 

So today--I realize again-- that this story will not be written by me or on my timetable.  It will have the perfect ending written and directed by God.

And the peace has returned--thank you for continuing to pray and for letting us know that you are praying.

When we get TA we will let it be known and then we will get to bring our girls home.


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Yvette said...

I so needed this today! I know God's timing is perfect, even more perfect than we may ever know but it is so hard! I went to bed last night jsut so mad, God can't one thing work out like I planned this week! I woke up sheepishly apologizing to Him!