Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Counting Down!!!

When I post this we will have about 15 days and 5+ hours until we get on a plane to Beijing.

We've been counting down the days.  They sure are passing by quickly!

We aren't really "rushing" them, because they are bittersweet days.

We are spending some good time with our family.  Just yesterday we spent part of the afternoon choosing Austin's Senior Portraits--I  still can't believe I have a child graduating from high school!!!  This weekend we will take his casual pics at driftwood beach.  (Prayer Here--Could you pray for me as we are leaving Austin and Jordan behind on this trip.  We have Nana and Papa, our youth pastor, and a family friend coming to stay with them on various nights, but my heart is sad about them not getting to come on this trip.  I know that they can't miss that much school and that they have jobs, but still--it is hard.)

We are also spending time with our friends who will move while we are in China.  We know that sweet friendship should not be taken lightly.  So we are cherishing time together.

Tonight I get to love on our friends newest treasures from foster care.  So glad to get to help them out!

This weekend I get to be my sister's date to her highschool reunion.  I graduated a year after her and know pretty much all of the people that will be there.  Can't wait Karen!

Next weekend, we get to spend Saturday morning/afternoon with other families who have adopted domestically, and internationally.  I'm very excitied to get to catch-up with our friends!

Then we will be in CRAZY PACKING mode!

Here are a few pics of us celebrating God providing all of the funds with our friends Ed & Kim and their girls--Kaitlin & Ashley.  The other pics are of our "Going to China Countdown"

Davis Family

Yummy Cake and IceCream!

Leighanne and Zach fighting  deciding who
gets to pull down the first panda.

Zach won was chosen!

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Sabrina said...

Love the countdown! So exciting!