Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Bunch of Fun with our Oldest TWO!

Let me begin with a little SHOUT OUT to our CREATOR!! Thanks for the beautiful weather!!!

I was able to snuggle under a quilt with a cup of coffee and my Bible for quiet time this morning.  LOVE IT!

Back to the real post! :)

Last night we ended up with Austin and Jordan being the only ones at home.  They were going to go to the football game, but we talked them into spending some time with us instead. 

We all put our heads together and decided we were in for a little friendly competition---at Chuck E. Cheese!!  We admit it!  We love playing skee ball, and the games where you follow the light and try to hit the button to make it stop on the big payout spot.

We headed to Jax. and for about $25 spent 1 and a half hours playing games and collecting tickets.  Ben and I ruled the night with 360 and 293 total tickets.  Austin and Jordan tied with 163 tickets each.  But who's counting right guys?

We all decided to not keep the tickets, but to put them altogether and give them to someone.  We walked around Chuck E. Cheese trying to find the right person.   We finally chose the right person, and he thought we were asking him how to redeem the tickets. (His English was a little limited.)  We convinced him that we were giving them to him and off we went to our next destination--CiCi's Pizza!!

After stuffing ourselves eating a few pieces, we headed home!

It sure was nice to get to spend some times with these two young men.  I can hardly believe that Austin and Jordan are making plans for their futures.  We discussed many options last night with them.  You can join us in prayer that our guys will seek after God's plan for their lives.

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