Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 12: Tours in Fuzhou

Make sure you make it to the end of this blog.  I'm including 3 funny stories from the past 24 hours.

But First . . .

We began the day going to the West Lake Park.  Here are a few pics from this part of our tour:

Our hotel for the week

Next, we went to an ancient city street that has been modernized.  It was a beautiful mix of old and new.  However, it made us feel like we were walking in the China section of the Epcot Center at Disney World. LOL!  The girls all got traditional decorative hair sticks to hold your hair in place.  Our guide Penny took the time to "fix" each girl's hair.  Aren't they pretty princesses?

 Finally,  we took a tour of an ancient home, and then went to another tea ceremony.  The girls loved this event.

That's all for the tour. 

 There is a small glitch in our paperwork for SongYan though.  We our supposed to get details in the morning. It's supposed to be "fixed" by Thursday, but we would appreciate prayers that all will be ready and that no delays will take place.  Our Consulate Appointment is scheduled for November 1st, so there is not much room for an  "oops" at this point. 

Now for our Funnies in the last 24 Hours.

# 3:  Hannah had to go to the bathroom at the notary's office.  I didn't see which door the guide pointed to, and they were not clearly marked.  Hannah and I marched into one only to greet a man using the restroom.  I said, "Oops! Sorry" and quickly backed out.

# 2: It's all in the translation!  Our guide was talking to SongYan on the phone about a phone number.  When Ben got back on the line our guide says to Ben, "She has forgotten the numbers in her memories."  We got the point! :)

# 1: Supper last night.  Ben's has done a great job ordering for us by looking at pictures.  And last night was no exception, especially the delicacy he decided to delight us with.  He thought he ordered fried chicken pieces, but instead they brought us these special squid --including tentacles still dangling to the table.  We all got a good laugh.  Hannah and SongYan tried it, but wouldn't eat all of it.  Ben and I  took a small bite, but that was enough we couldn't get anymore down. ( In defense of Ben--the picture did look like chicken, apparently the tentacles were hidden in the picture.)

Hope you have a great day!


Vicki said...

Thanks for the tour....the photos are great. I believe I'm going to have to give Leighanne and Hannah a joint nickname....."Double Trouble"! Seriously, I can't decide which one of them is the bigger ham; they are too cute! And, well, I think I'm completely in love with SongYan; there's just something special about her.....

Praying that paperwork issue is taken care of quickly and that you all are home safe and sound very soon.

Kris said...

Praying for the snafu to be resolved miraculously!!!!