Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Happy Birthday to our sweetheart Hannah--You are 8 years old today!

I can not lie--I cried lots of tears when I realized we would miss sharing your 8th birthday with you.

But then I realized that we could celebrate together a little later and it would be okay. 
Not perfect--but okay.

It will be okay because soon you will be a part of our family.  Soon you will know lots of love, hugs and family. 

Today is a day of celebration--we celebrate your birth and your life.

Even though we were not a part of  your first birth---day, the day when you entered this world, and we didn't know that you existed until after your 7th birthday, we plan to be with you for as many birthdays that we are given from now on.  And that's a promise sweetheart!

                                           Here's the picture that 1st captured our hearts.

And another picture that makes me smile!

A video that makes me want to hug her tight!

Our last update photo from August--Oh!  Just a few more days!

Happy Birthday Hannah!!!  MaMa and BaBa will soon hold you in our arms.


Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

I LOVE her hair in pig tails....
And, I think Blogger will let me comment....whereas before I had to NOT be signed in to comment...

Now I'v learned I must sign in first to comment.

And, I can't wait to follow your journey.

And, tell Ben ATT will let us watch ESPN, so now I need to know the name of that box.

So encouraging to spend time with you today.

Lora said...

So happy for you guys! And especially the girls! May your family get the fairy tale we only dreamed about! Love y'all!