Saturday, October 22, 2011

We Arrived in Fuzhou!

Hannah's first plane ride was a little challenging.  How do you communicate you must stay buckled and you may not go to the potty because the plane just took off and the stay buckled sign is on?  (Note: we had just gone to the bathroom before we got on the plane) LOL! I can not imagine what she is thinking today.  I feel so bad for her.  At least she liked the take off and the landing.  It could have been so much worse, but she is a trooper and we are making it through.

The girls are giggling next door while I blog. That brings a smile to my face.

We made another early morning flight from Changsha to Fuzhou.  Can I just say that I am worn out???  And--ARE WE CRAZY???  We get Sara in less than 24 hours and I am getting excited and nervous at the same time.

Would you do me a favor and say a prayer of peace for me?--I sure could use some right now.

Also, could you Worship God with all your heart, and all your soul and all your mind on Sunday for me???  Real worship?  Praising God for everything he blesses you with?  Praying for the millions of lost souls who don't have a real relationship with our Father.

 It has been so hard to not bow our head and give thanks for our meals in public.  After this Sunday we will have missed 6 chances to worship God jointly with other believers.  I miss my church family, and praying/studying together with my women's study group.

Don't take your worship for granted.

Give God the glory He deserves.

Can you do that?  I would love to hear about how blessed you were in church this Sunday to glorify the King of Kings.  Tell me how God worked in your service.  Thanks--I can't wait to hear all about it.

Our guide just called and said that we will get Sara at 10:30 AM(that will be 10:30 PM on Saturday night for the East Coast).

Oh My GOODNESS!!--It's going to happen again.  Pray for us all--Thanks!



Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

Oh, wow! And, praise the LORD! You get Sara in 1 hour and 40 minutes from the time I read this post.

I remember how badly I missed worship when we adopted Ellie. Our travel was 17 days, and I so missed time with my church family.

I will praise Him for you tomorrow! And, praise Him for peace in my home this weekend.

And, we cannot wait to read more about your journey with your TWO new daughters.

God is up to something....and I can't wait to be a part of the story.

Vicki said...

Robbie and I are thinking alike, as I was prepared to begin with "you will be meeting Sara in just over an hour...." (LOL). I have goosebumps as I type just thinking about how nervous/excited everyone must be right now. Praying for your peace and for smooth transitions for both Hannah and Sara. Wow.........WOW! Praising Him with my whole heart!

Sheila said...

Agee family: take a deep breath, blow it out with a prayer! God knew this day and all others were coming. He knows what birds (not butterflies!) you have in your stomach right now. May His peace get into every cell of your body right now! Can't wait to read more.
Love from the Mores.