Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Changsha: Day 6 of Adoption Trip

Today began with a visit to Martyr’s Park and the Hunan Embroidery Museum.

 We went to the park and began a walk on a trail that turned into small areas where people gathered to do Tai Chi, play card games, make music, and spend time with friends. 

Next, we were given a mini-concert by a local man playing on an ancient instrument with only 2 strings.  Hannah told us she thought the song was a sad song, and she’s probably right it sounded like a sad song. 

Later, we observed an older man instructing a student in Tai Chi, and Hannah started asking him questions.  He generously invited the girls to get a quick lesson in Tai Chi.  After teaching them 2 movements, he instructed them to go home and practice the movements 8 times.

 We then walked deeper into the park and came across many fair type rides.  We let the kids choose one ride—they chose this ride that you had to pedal and twist while it moved along the tracks.

 We then walked to a Koi Pond and the kids were able to feed the Koi fish.  They were fighting to get the food.  This concerned Hannah, she didn’t like them fighting for the food.  There was a humongous Koi fish that made his way to the food, we were all amazed by his size.  Zach has decided that he would like to dig up part of our backyard and make a Koi pond. (We vote No—sorry Zach.)

After the Koi Pond, we began a long walk around the pond and through the beautiful trees and shrubs.  We were able to see a realistic part of China that showed how the people spend some of their time.  Leighanne especially like the Lotus plants and was impressed by their size.  Ben and I actually tried Lotus roots for breakfast this morning.  Ben didn’t care for them and described them as plain and crunchy.  I thought they were okay, but would be better mixed with something else.  

After walking a very long way around the lake, we exited the park and met with our driver.  It was only a very quick trip to the Hunan Embroidery Museum.  The Hunan Province is known for its beautiful embroidery.  These large pieces of art take a few years to complete.  We enjoyed getting to see the workers use their hands to make such detailed stitches.  Our newest social butterfly greeted each worker, and asked specific questions about what they were creating.  They were very sweet to answer her questions.

We completed the tour and left the Museum.  We headed back to the hotel, where we had lunch and then laid down for a nap.  Later, Zach and Leighanne both worked on school  while Hannah played with the Barbies.


Lisa Agee said...

Loved these pictures....Hannah looks like she is adjusting so well. I look forward each day to your blog! Love y'all!

Nina said...

I would like Tai Chi lessons when you come home. You couldn't have gotten me out of the Hunan Embroidary Museum!! And I see a BaBas' girl coming home :-). Love you all - look forward to the blog every morning w/ my coffee.

Kris said...

Ah yes, the embroidery museum....sweet memories. Looks like the weather is beautiful. Praying things continue to go well. Only a few more days before you meet Sara!

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

Loved the photos and the details.

And, I've tried lotus root. Plain is not the word I used....bitter, and now I tell everyone: If you are asked if you'd like some lotus root, you can say, "No, thank you!"

Brandi said...

Hey..that's Amy (your guide). LOVE HER! (We were there in '09 adopting our youngest)

Looks like you're all having a great time. The weather seems to be beautiful!

I miss China {{sigh}}

Ben said...

Yes, Amy is great. As long as all of our guides are half as good as Amy we are good to go.