Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tomorrow's the First Big Day

After the traffic jam yesterday our guide wanted us to go to the airport earlier than planned this morning (and we agreed) to make sure we didn't have any problems.  After getting to the airport, we had a yummy Chinese Breakfast at the airport then went to our waiting area to wait for the flight.  While we were there waiting we met a couple of other wonderful families who were on their way to another province to adopt their children.

We arrived in Changsha and decided to make tonight a "get caught up on rest before the First Big Day night".  Me, Zach, and Leighanne went down to the hotel to eat and I learned that "light spicy" and "like spicy" sound an awful lot alike so we got a bowl full of very spicy peppers with a little chicken mixed in with it.  It was a good thing we had also ordered fried rice and fried broccoli because both were very good and quit filling.  Otherwise, we are trying to rest up and get to bed early tonight so we will be well-rested when we meet Hannah HaiYan for the first time tomorrow.

Sorry -- no pictures today, but we definitely plan on posting a lot tomorrow after we get settled with Hannah.


Joan said...

Can't wait to see some pics when I wake up in the morning! You will be in our bedtime prayers tonight!

Kris said...

Ah yes....use "LITTLE" (and I always illustrated small with my fingers just to make sure)! I love Changsha. Too funny...Excited to see pictures when we wake up! I'm praying right now as you are hours from meeting Hannah RIGHT NOW!!!