Thursday, October 20, 2011

It was Bound to Happen!

We started the day out . . .

with Hannah throwing up and me(Julie) with an upset stomach.  It's a good thing we went to the park and museum yesterday.

We made it through the day--and we feel fine now thank goodness.

So -- sorry this will not be an exciting blog.

Just know that we are now okay.

Hugs to all!


The Annessa Family said...

Prayers for healing!


Kris said...

Praying no one else gets sick and that everyone remains healthy the rest of the trip. Praying especially for Hannah's first flight in a few hours. Rachel's was a bit rough--there was a lot of turbulence, and she was not feeling well at all. She had a hard time getting me to understand that her stomach was hurting.

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

Oh, how I hope you are awakening to better tummies this morning and no one else gets ill. How awful to be sick away from home, miles and miles away from home. Praying you feel better.