Friday, September 9, 2011

Gotcha Days!

Okay, I think we (mostly Julie) have teased you long enough about the extra special announcement......

Our agency requested the Consulate Appointment confirmation yesterday afternoon for 11/1 or 11/2 and said it normally took 2 to 5 business days to get a confirmation, so we were resisting the urge to hope for it on Monday of next week.  We were blessed with a wonderful e-mail this morning confirming our Consulate Appointment for 11/1 and giving us the rest of our itinerary.  We will go to Hunan Province first to get Hannah.  Hannah's gotcha day will be 10/17.  We will then go to Fujian Province to get Sara.  Sara's gotcha day will be 10/23.  Our Consulate Appointment is on 11/1 and we will be on the way home by 11/3.  The agency now wants us to send them tentative airline flights Monday morning so they can approve them and we get them purchased.

God is faithful and has removed all of the bureaucratic mountains and He is faithfully working on the financial mountain.  We have received word from I CARE that $6,350 has been generously given to them towards our adoption.  Please continue to pray with us (now is the time to fast if you fast) that God will continue to remove the financial mountains.



Kris said...

Amazing! Awesome! Exciting!! God is working!! He will continue to work! Have you contacted Todd about airline tickets? He found me amazing tickets, cheap and didn't charge me a penny to do so! EM me if you need his contact info.

I'm joining you in praise and thanking to our God that He's given you dates...and continuing to pray that he will remove the last of the mountain. He has brought this far...he will NOT leave you!!!

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

Oh, dear friend~! Praise the LORD for the finances He has sent you as you have been faithful to bless others. I pray you continue to see Him. I can't wait to see those girls with you on their Gotcha Days. BTW, Ellie's Gotcha Day is October 15th. We've been to China following holidays and during the trade fair. Thank youf or the encouragement you've been to me.

Anonymous said...

Your post gave me chills! I know what it feels like to hear God speak and then have to trust him as you walk that path.